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Wet cat food usually smells good and can arouse the cat’s appetite so that he can eat more. And wet cat food is also easier to digest, and it is also more suitable for sick cats. In addition, for cats who do not like to drink water, it is also possible to appropriately increase the feeding amount of wet food for their cats, so that they can get more water from the food. Cats with bad teeth can’t chew dry cat food. You can add a small amount of canned cat food to dry cat food and  increase the fragrance.

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Wet cat food

Wet canned cat food is mainly composed of meat, starch, fruits and vegetables and grain raw materials. This kind of cat food can be eaten and opened, and its taste is much better than that of dry cat food. It has a good taste and its digestibility is much higher than the dry cat food. Cat food wet has the characteristics of high moisture, low carbon water, low fat, and easy digestion.
At the same time, wet food cat has the right amount of fat. When considering dry versus wet cat food, many pet owners fear that high-calorie foods will harm their cats. In fact, this is not the first consideration of shit shoveling officials. Generally speaking, each can of cat canned food contains 70-100 kcal (per serving), which is not much. When feeding cats wet cat food, owners can more easily control caloric intake. It's lower in fat and protein and better digested due to the increased water content.
Wet cat food factory Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd supplies the canned wet food is made from fresh natural meat materials with balanced high quality ingredients and enhanced with vitamins and minerals, providing vitality and excitement to every meal of your cat with the nutritional delicious wet food. Optimum formula of diverse product forms of gravy, jelly or meat paste to provide different nutritional needs for your cats with alternative tastes of chicken, salmon, tuna, crab meat, beef and so on. Suitable for kittens and adult cats.

Chicken can supplement vitamins and protein and increase nutrition and appetite for cats.
Chicken breast is also rich invitamin C and vitamin E, which is easy to be absorbed and utilized. It has the effect of enhancing physical fitness. Having chicken helps cats grows faster, improves split ends, and replenishes nutrients to strengthen bones.
Salmon is more palatable and there are many ways to eat it. Cats are also like samlmon, it full of nutritious and canned salmon  can be stored for a long time.

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