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Choosing cat food dry food for your cats, health should be the most important criterion, but it is not the more expensive and high-end the better. It also depends on whether the cat’s physique is suitable. Try to buy some cats without animals or poultry by-products. For dry food, meat-based food is better, and the type of meat should be listed, such as chicken, mutton, etc. It is best to choose cat food treated with natural preservatives (vitamin C and vitamin E are the most common), but It should be noted that the shelf life of many natural preservatives is shorter than that of chemical preservatives. The most reliable evidence to test whether a dog food is of high quality comes from the changes in the general physical condition and appearance of our companions over a period of time. If its hair is tough and shiny, its mouth is healthy, the quality and frequency of poop is normal, its immune system is functioning properly, and it’s healthy and active, then you’ve definitely picked the right dry food. A good diet can make the body healthier.

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The fat content of chicken breast is relatively low, which can well control the fat intake of cats.
Dry cat food chicken flavor which is recommended for cats with bad stomach. Raw meat is easy to chew and digest, and has a very high nutrient density, which can reduce the intake of cats and make the intestinal work of cats easier. Freeze dried chicken breast is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin and other nutrients, which can help cats supplement the nutrients needed by the body. At the same time,it can also stimulate the cat's sense of taste, make the cat's mood happy, and promote eating.

Product Advantages
1.Made from natural and fresh material, edible even for human beings.
2.Without chemical additives,excellent palatability;
3.Rich in high-quality protein and a variety of vitamins, Low fat;
4.Fresh and easy to digest and absorb.
5.Sterilization through pasteurization and irradiation offers guarantee for pets' health.

Mia Pet Food Co., Ltd cat food companies produce high quality cat food. Because dry food is relatively brittle and hard, cats will chew when eating, and it is not easy to form tartar. Compared with canned food, dry food is more affordable, and it lasts longer if stored properly. Due to the higher nutritional value per unit weight, under the same calorie, eating dry food will be much less than eating canned food.


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