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In addition to providing water to cats, canned cat food has another advantage of supplementing animal protein to cats. Because the majority ingredient of canned cat food is made from meat.

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Cat food is generally dominated by dry cat food, but cats do not like to drink water by nature, and cat food lacks water. Over time, kittens will cause physical diseases such as urinary system. Therefore, you can usually choose some wet cat food, which can not only add water but also nutrition.

1. Meat Content

Cats are pure carnivores, so the first point is to look at the meat content of the canned food. The crude protein must not be less than 8%, and the crude fat must not be less than 4%. The higher the meat content, the better, and a large amount of pure meat contains more. Protein and fat can make cats grow strong muscles! The body is more robust. And the meat must be clearly stated in the ingredient list.

2. Water content

As wet food for cat, most people use it as a hydrating artifact to feed cats, so the water content is more important, not only hydrating but also helping cats digest food. The moisture content of cans should generally not be less than 60%, but the highest should not exceed 85%, too much moisture will make the quality worse. Canned cat food has a high water content, so it needs to be eaten as soon as possible after opening.

3. Additives

Although additives can improve the taste, some additives are inedible, especially carrageenan. This additive is a certified harmful substance. Long-term consumption will cause inflammation in cat tissues, and there is a risk of cancer, so try to choose no harmful additives can food.

4. Canned snacks

Canned snacks tend to be more palatable, and there are more things added, just like our human spicy chips and potato chips, so they are more suitable to be fed as snacks, not as staple food. Excessive consumption may cause cats to have soft stools, Diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms, it is best to feed 2-3 times a week.

5. Canned staple food

Wet cat food beef as canned staple food  is a canned food that can be used as a staple food for cats and can replace dry cat food. Compared with canned snacks, although it also contains relatively high water content, the meat content is generally higher, and a variety of nutrients will be added, so the nutrition will be more balanced and comprehensive; and no grains or any artificial additives are added. Safer and healthier.


customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

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