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Salmon is rich in protein, amino acids and other nutrients, as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements. In addition, salmon contains unsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in cat skin and hair. , The effect of increasing hair volume. Salmon can also boost your cat’s immunity and help improve his eyesight.

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Dry cat food factory-Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd. The staple food of cats mainly includes dry cat food and canned food. Because the feeding cost of canned staple food is high, most people choose dry food as the staple food for cats. There are also many varieties of dry food on the market, which usually distinguish kittens, adult cats, neutered cats, and elderly cats. Dry food, there will also be some special symptomatic prescription food, you can choose according to the cat's age and specific conditions.

Kittens generally refer to cats under 1 year old, adult cats are cats between 1-7 years old, and cats over 7 years old are old cats. Usually, after the kitten is 6 weeks old, the stomach can gradually begin to accept solid food, and can gradually switch to dry food. Because the calorie requirement of growing kittens is about 3 times that of adult cats, you will find that kittens eat more than adult cats, so you must choose suitable dry food. Kittens have a small stomach capacity. Eat small, frequent meals as much as possible.

Dry cat food salmon is helpful to cat's  skin and hair.

1.Made from 100% natural and fresh material, edible even for human beings.
2.Without any chemical additives,excellent palatability;
3.Rich in high-quality protein and a variety of vitamins, Low fat;
4.Fresh and easy to digest and absorb.
5.Sterilization through pasteurization and irradiation offers guarantee for pets' health.
6.Ensures long shelf life,no preservation are needed.
7. Light and easy to carry .
8.High quality standards and reasonable price point;
9.It can IMPROVE the health and ENHANCE its immunity effectively if feed regularly, and GOOD to pet teeth health, BRIGHTENING

Advantages of dry cat food:

1. Because dry food is relatively brittle and hard, cats will chew when eating, and it is not easy to form tartar.

2. Compared with canned food, dry food is more affordable, and it lasts longer if stored properly.

3. Due to the higher nutritional value per unit weight, under the same calorie, eating dry food will be much less than eating canned food.


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