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Choosing cat food for your cat, health should be the most important criterion, but it is not the more expensive and high-end the better. It also depends on whether the cat’s physique is suitable. Try to buy some cats without animals or poultry by-products. For dry food, meat-based food is better, and the type of meat should be listed, such as chicken, mutton, etc. It is best to choose cat food treated with natural preservatives (vitamin C and vitamin E are the most common), but It should be noted that the shelf life of many natural preservatives is shorter than that of chemical preservatives. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the expiration date of the product. The storage period of general dry food is 1-2 years. Please be careful to read the last edible on the packaging bag. Date, when opening the package, smell the smell of dry food. If you find that the taste is abnormal or not fresh, please do not feed it to the cat. You can ask the manufacturer to return it.

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Dry cat food is condensed from ideal nutrients and contains virtually no moisture. Due to the low water content, it will not remain on the cat's teeth for too long, preventing the formation of tartar, keeping the breath fresh, and preventing the growth of oral gum bacteria. Hard cat food pellets can help strengthen and sharpen your cat's teeth, and can encourage your cat to drink more water.
Carefully study the dry food ingredients and their nutritional content printed on the packaging bag as a reference. For example, for an adult cat, the proportion of fat should not be too high, especially for domestic cats that are kept indoors and have low physical activity. Some dry cat food on the market is also produced according to the different needs of cats, such as: hairball formula, gastrointestinal sensitive formula, skin sensitive formula, gum health formula, urolith-proof formula, long-haired Persian cat formula... ..and so on for different recipes. Can be purchased according to different needs.
Observe the cat's reaction to dry food. After 6 to 8 weeks of feeding, you can judge from the hair, nail growth, weight, urine/urination and overall health to determine that cat food is suitable for the cat. If your cat's fur is dull, dry, itchy, and depilated after feeding the new cat food, it may be that the cat is allergic to the ingredients of this cat food, or the nutrients are not suitable.
During the change of cat food, please pay attention to the cat's excrement. The feces should be firm but not hard and not loose. Usually a few days before changing the cat food, the cat's excrement will smell bad. This is caused by the digestive system's inability to adapt to the new cat food for a while. It will return to normal in a short time, but if the situation persists, it may be this cat food. Not suitable for your cat.

Choosing cat food for your cat, health should be the most important criterion. It also depends on whether the cat's physique is suitable.


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