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Tuna is extremely nutrient-rich, low-fat and high-protein, and it is also extremely suitable for cats to eat.

In the cat’s life, the most worrying part for the owner is the purchase of cat food. We often see many owners holding a brand of cat food and asking if this cat food is good? Many people can only answer based on experience.  So how to choose cat dry food?
The cat’s preference for food depends on the aroma and palatability of the food itself. Cats, carnivores, require more specific nutrients than omnivorous dogs, such as high protein, high fat, taurine, calcium, and fresh drinking water.

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Novices choose cat food from these 4 aspects:
1. Look at the ingredient list
The top 5 recipes are preferably meat (preferably high-quality animal protein)
Refuse to contain any meat poultry by-products (such as offal such as animal offal)
See if there are grains or vegetables added (basically all cat food needs a certain amount of grains or potatoes, because without starch, cat food cannot be formed, but these grains cannot be ranked too high, otherwise they are plant-based protein-based. cat food.)
Refuse to add any artificial colors, flavor additives, preservatives (day preservatives: rosemary, vitamin A, C)
Check mark does not meet AFFCO Management Association standards

2. Look at the nutritional value
It would be better if there is cat food with the nutrient content ratio value marked! I dare not say it is absolutely good, but I dare to publicly prove that I have confidence in the product, and the other is to show that I am willing to accept supervision.
Crude protein content of 36%~48% is already good
Crude fat should be 13%~18%, and about 10% in old age and obese cats
Crude fiber should be ≤6%
Coarse ash powder content should be less than or equal to 10%
Must have taurine! Above 0.2% is the best, below 0.1%
The crude ash content cannot exceed 10%
The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio cannot be too high or too low, and the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio can be maintained within the range of 1.1:1~1.4:1.

3. Look at the reaction of your cat after eating for a period of time
Observe the cat's poop after the food change
Changes in cat hair and other conditions
To see if your cat likes it or not, you can buy cat food with a trial pack and try it
4. Is it within your budget?
Buy the most suitable food within your budget, expensive food may not be suitable for cats.

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A few tips for buying food:
1. The physique of each cat is different, so what kind of food is better?
2. Don’t always buy one brand of cat food, change cat food every six months or a year
3. The fresher the date, the better
4. Choose the correct formula for your cat at each age, kitten, adult cat, senior cat
5. Pay attention to allergens in the formula
6. Rare ingredients are not the same as good ones

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