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The fat content of chicken breast is relatively low, which can well control the fat intake of cats.
Freeze-dried chicken breast is raw meat, which is recommended for cats with bad stomach. Raw meat is easy to chew and digest, and has a very high nutrient density, which can reduce the intake of cats and make the intestinal work of cats easier. Freeze dried chicken breast is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin A and other nutrients, which can help cats supplement the nutrients needed by the body. At the same time,it can also stimulate the cat’s sense of taste, make the cat’s mood happy, and promote eating.

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Product Introduction of freeze-dried cat food

When choosing freeze dried chicken breast for cats, the owner attaches great importance to the nutrients, such as the ratio of crude protein, the 0 addition of food attractants and preservatives, and the selection of hormone-free meat sources are all worthy of attention.
Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd uses high-quality chicken with no other additives. Its nutritional value meets the requirements of national standards and AAFCO, and it is suitable for all cats. It is suitable for kittens, pregnant cats, and adult cats. The crude protein content of freeze dried chicken breast is super high, and it can be seen that it is full of protein.

Freeze-dried chicken has whole chicken breast, and it can also be cut into small cubes according to customer’s requirements. The taste is natural. We use FD freeze-drying technology and it is frozen at -35°. Because the whole freeze-drying process is carried out at a low temperature, the chicken is kept the original appearance, color, flavor and nutrients remain unchanged, while the taste is good. High-quality freeze-dried nutrition is unmatched by other cat snacks. Some freeze-dried protein is as high as 80% or more. Supplementing enough nutrients when cats are 3-8 months old can greatly improve the probability of cats developing gills.
In addition to feeding the kitten directly, freeze-dried food can also be used as a reward for training, or to absorb enough water to feed. It can not only supplement nutrition, but also add water and can also be mixed into dry food to increase the taste of the food.


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