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Prime freeze-dried dog food, the cube must be full, the texture of the meat is clearly visible, and even if it is rehydrated, it can immediately restore the shape of the fresh meat. Such freeze-dried dog food is high-quality. Freeze Dried Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acid (DHA) OMEGA3, which not only can beautify hair, but also has antioxidant and cardiovascular effects.

Dog food manufacturers Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd adopts FD freeze-drying technology, which is frozen at -35° to lock freshness. Since the whole freeze-drying process is carried out at low temperature, the original appearance, color, flavor and nutritional content of salmon are maintained.

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Freeze-dried dog food
There is a certain difference between the production methods of freeze-dried dog food and dry dog ​​food. If dry dog ​​food is to grind raw materials into powder and then combine, then freeze-dried dog food is based on dry dog ​​food, and the choice is better. raw materials, and then dehydrate them before making dog food.
Generally speaking, freeze-dried dog food needs to evaporate the water in the fresh meat as the raw material, and then extract the water molecules under high pressure. Freeze-dried dog food is, in a sense, more ""dry"" than dry dog ​​food. Because of less water, they have a longer shelf life and are more nutritious for the same weight. However, you need to have water nearby when feeding.

1. Lighter weight and longer shelf life
2. Closer to the raw material because only drying is done
3. Under the modern technology, the nutrients are preserved"

Freeze-dried salmon is rich in protein and amino acids, and contains calcium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals and trace elements, which can provide cats with rich nutrition and supplementary trace elements. In addition, salmon contains unsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in cat skin and hair, which can beautify and increase hair volume. Salmon can also boost your cat's immunity and help improve his eyesight.

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