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What exactly is freeze-dried cat food? How is it different from ordinary cat food?
Freeze-dried cat food production principle:
Freeze-dried cat food is exactly a raw food packaged in a portable container. It is also a dry food snack for cats. It is made of fresh pure raw meat. The final packaging is done after the block.”

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The advantages of freeze-dried cat food

1. During the whole production process of freeze-dried cat food, the freshness of the raw materials can be locked to ensure that more nutrients are not lost, and at the same time, the dry production process can prevent the reproduction of some harmful microorganisms and bacteria, making it more hygienic.

2. Cats actually like to eat meat, and many cat foods add too many grains, which will increase the cat’s gastrointestinal burden. Therefore, freeze-dried cat food can provide high-quality animal protein that cats need, and it is more in line with cats’ real eating habits.

3. Many freeze-dried cat foods will also add some natural fruits and vegetables, so there will be no nutritional imbalance.

How to feed freeze-dried cat food

If you are accustomed to feeding cats ordinary cat food, you should proceed step by step when you want to switch to freeze-dried cat food. Don’t just bring a pot and give it to the cat owner. Some cats will not adapt to it, so buy a small package first. Give your cat a sniff, and if he’s interested, make sure to feed him this.

Next, you can change the food according to the cycle of seven to ten days, so that the cat’s stomach also has an adaptation process. For the first three days, use three-quarters of the old food and one-fourth of the freeze-dried cat food to observe whether the cat has normal bowel movements. If there is no discomfort, mix half of the old and new food on the fourth to fifth day , from the sixth day, three-quarters of the freeze-dried cat food is combined with one-quarter of the old food, until the seventh to tenth days, all of which are replaced by freeze-dried cat food.

Note: cats of different breeds and ages have different conditions. It is best for pet owners to observe the cat’s condition at any time and adjust the feeding amount in time.

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