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The egg yolk contains a lot of lecithin, which can promote the growth of hair and make the hair softer; Freeze dried egg yolk contains protein, which can enhance the body’s immunity and balance the nutrition of the dog’s body by eating it regularly. 3. The egg yolk contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary elements for the dog’s body.

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Freeze-dried dog food helps dogs get the protein they need. In order to ensure the nutritional intake of dogs and simulate the wild diet of dogs, pure meat and animal offal are mainly selected as raw materials for freeze-drying. This pure natural raw material can retain the nutrients in the meat to the maximum extent, and has excellent palatability. Generally, no dogs will be picky eaters. Because they are all pure meat, the protein content in freeze-dried dogs is relatively high, which is very helpful for the healthy growth of dogs. Consuming high-quality freeze-dried products can make your dog's coat shiny and smooth.
High-quality freeze-dried food, high-nutrition and high-energy, can help dogs improve their immunity. And pure meat is also better for dogs to absorb, which can effectively reduce the burden on the dog's intestines.
The freeze-dried dog food produced by Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd pet food companines has good palatability, high-quality raw materials, 100% pure meat, 0 grains, and higher nutritional value. Freeze-drying does not add any synthetic additives, which will not cause a burden to the dog's intestines. And freeze-dried is loose and can be crushed, you can smell the strong meat flavor when you open the bag, and the meat patties look close to the original color of the meat.

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