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85g wet cat food pouch. Wet or semi-moist foods are usually canned or pouch. Canned food is also a type of wet food. The moisture content is higher than that of dry food. Wet and semi-moist foods look fresh, but are also heavily processed, more like lunch meat for humans. Among them, canned food contains obvious soup, and canned food is usually not used as a pet’s main food, but only as a snack, reward or snack. Unopened can keep for several months or even ten months. (Moisture content is generally 32%~75%)

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Although cat wet food can replace dry cat food, pet owners should pay attention to the nutritional content of wet food when choosing wet food for cats. There are many kinds of pet wet food on the market, but not all wet food has a lot of nutrients, and pet owners have to look carefully before choosing. If a pet owner buys wet food and sees that grains, vegetables, or offal leftovers are listed first in the list of ingredients, then don't buy it, and choose meat with high-quality protein for your cat. Meat containing high-quality protein will be more nutritious and suitable for feeding cats as a staple food.

How to distinguish canned snacks from canned staple foods?

First of all, you have to look at the amount of nutrients. Compared with canned staple food, the nutritional content of canned snacks is much less, and the nutrients of canned staple food can be eaten directly as a staple food. The crude fat of canned snacks is generally ≤5%, while the fat content of cans of staple foods is relatively high. The state of canned snacks is generally strips or blocks. The staple food cans are generally puree or meat sauce. For cats who don't usually like cat food, they can usually feed the staple food cans, and one canned food can almost supplement all the nutrients. But for cats who are not picky eaters, it is not recommended to have a staple food tank. You can occasionally give some snacks to improve the meal. Here we recommend canned food from Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd, suitable for cats over 2 months old. 0 pigments, 0 food attractants, 0 preservatives, it can be eaten with bibimbap or ready-to-eat. Adding fresh salmon meat, high-quality protein, taurine and deep-sea fish oil has the functions of mild eyesight, promoting absorption, balanced nutrition, controlling hairballs, enhancing appetite, and promoting brain development. Due to the weak stomach of the cat, it is necessary to give the cat a 3-5 day adaptation period when changing the wet canned food.


customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

customized Canned wet food price for cat kitten from China Factory

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