Freeze dried chicken breast bulk for dogs for Australia AU market and Canada

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General process of freeze-dried food
1. Preprocessing
Different materials need necessary pretreatment before pre-freezing and freeze-drying to make them easy to process. Meat and aquatic product materials need to be tested and screened, cooled and aged, and sliced.

2. Product pre-freezing
The product is subpackaged in suitable containers and pre-frozen below the eutectic point before it can be freeze-dried. The purpose of pre-freezing is to keep the main properties of the material unchanged, and the freeze-dried products produced have a reasonable structure to facilitate water sublimation.

3. Product sublimation drying
The sublimation process before the frozen ice of the product disappears is called sublimation drying. At this time, pay attention to providing a suitable heat flux to ensure that the sublimation proceeds without reaching the eutectic point. If the temperature is too low, the sublimation time is too long. If the temperature is higher than the eutectic point, the product volume will be reduced, and the bubbles will be difficult to dissolve.

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 General process of freeze-dried food for dogs:      

4. Secondary drying of the product
In order to make the product reach the predetermined residual moisture content, it must be further dried, which is called analytical drying.

5. Post-processing of freeze-dried food
After drying, a conditioning process is carried out on the food: before the vacuum environment is released, it needs to be stabilized for a period of time to make the remaining moisture and temperature in the food completely uniform. In order to inhibit the growth of microorganisms after eliminating the vacuum environment, the vacuum should be eliminated with dry, clean and sterile N2, and sterile dry air should be put in when out of the box. Dried products should be quickly stored in separate packages or temporarily stored in a drying cabinet, packaged and labeled as soon as possible, and become official products after passing the test.

The fat content of chicken breast is relatively low, which can well control the fat intake of cats.
Freeze-dried chicken breast is raw meat, which is recommended for dogs with bad stomach. Raw meat is easy to chew and digest, and has a very high nutrient density, which can reduce the intake of dogs and make the intestinal work of dogs easier. Freeze dried chicken breast is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamin A and other nutrients, which can help dogs supplement the nutrients needed by the body. At the same time,it can also stimulate the dog's sense of taste, make the dog''s mood happy, and promote eating.


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