Tips for choosing cat food

A. Why should the grain content in cat food not be too high?
Cats who eat too many grains are more likely to develop diabetes and obesity.
With enough protein and fat in the daily diet, cats do not need carbohydrates to survive healthy. But the average dry food on the market often contains a lot of grains, so that the carbohydrate content is as high as 35% to 40%. The cat’s body structure is not good at dealing with a large amount of carbohydrates. For example, if cats have been eating foods containing a lot of carbohydrates, the risk of developing diabetes and obesity will be greatly increased.

B. The carbohydrate content of grain-free cat food may be higher
Grain-free cat food is not the same as a low-carb diet. In fact, some grain-free pet foods contain similar or even higher carbohydrate content than grain-containing pet foods. In many grain-free pet foods, ingredients such as potatoes and yams replace grains in the food, and these ingredients often contain more carbohydrates than the regular grains used in pet foods.

C. Eating dry food for a long time can easily lead to feline lower urinary tract syndrome
When feeding your cat dry food, make sure he drinks plenty of water. Cats get most of the water they need from their food, and their thirst is not as sensitive as dogs and humans, which explains why most cats don’t like drinking water.
The water content of dry food is only 6% to 10%. Although cats that eat dry food as their staple food drink more water than cats that eat wet food, they still absorb more water than cats that eat wet food. Half the cat. This makes cats who only eat dry cat food for a long time fall into a state of chronic dehydration for a long time, which reduces the amount of urination, and the urine is over-concentrated, which makes it prone to urinary system problems in the future.

Post time: Apr-08-2022