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What is cat litter? What types of cat litter are there? How to choose cat litter?
Cat litter is an object that cats use to bury their excrement after going to the toilet. When the excrement is combined with the cat litter, it will become a ball, which is easy for people to clean up. At present, cat litter is mainly divided into five categories: wood sand, tofu sand, crystal sand, paper sand, and bentonite sand. Different cat litter has its own advantages and disadvantages.”

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Advantages of tofu cat litter

The main ingredients of tofu cat litter are bean dregs, corn cob, etc. The production process is very similar to pine cat litter. It is a mass cat litter, similar to bentonite cat litter. Now many shovelers will choose tofu cat litter and tofu cat litter. Compared with other cat litter, there are many advantages.
Advantages: very good water absorption, soluble in water, can be flushed directly in the toilet, and the clumping property is also very good, the deodorization is also good, it can wrap the cat’s excrement well, avoid the smell, tofu There are also deodorizing factors in cat litter, which are the key to deodorizing.”

“How to choose tofu cat litter?

1. The ingredients of tofu cat litter are mainly natural tofu dregs or plant fibers, and there are many types of tofu cat litter on the market, with various flavors, green tea, cherry blossoms, etc. Although the flavors are different, but The main effect is still the same, but don’t choose a scent that is too strong, cats will not like it if it is too fragrant.

2. Tofu cat litter is an environmentally friendly type of cat litter that can be flushed directly into the sewer, but we need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of tofu cat litter to see if it meets our requirements.

3. Because the ingredients of tofu cat litter are safe and environmentally friendly, it is a very good choice for cats with bad stomach and will not harm cats.

4. No matter how good the tofu cat litter is, it depends on whether your cat likes it or not. If the cat doesn’t like it, no matter how good it is, it is useless. You can buy some and try it out.

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