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Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd is freeze dried cat food supplier and adopts FD freeze-drying technology, which is frozen at -35° to lock freshness. Since the whole freeze-drying process is carried out at low temperature, the original appearance, color, flavor and nutritional content of salmon are maintained. Freeze-dried salmon is rich in protein and amino acids, and contains calcium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals and trace elements, which can provide cats with rich nutrition and supplementary trace elements. In addition, salmon contains unsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in cat skin and hair, which can beautify and increase hair volume. Salmon can also boost your cat’s immunity and help improve his eyesight.

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Product Introduction of freeze-dried salmon

Freeze-dried salmon cat food is raw meat, which is recommended for cats with bad stomach. Raw meat is easy to chew and digest, and has a very high nutrient density, which can reduce the intake of cats and make the intestinal work of cats easier.
We choose high-quality salmon which is 100% natural materials and rich nutritional value, suitable for all cats. Suitable for kittens, pregnant cats, and adult cats.
Freeze-dried salmon is more palatable and there are many ways to eat it.Many cats like to eat fish, and freeze-dried salmon is light and easy to carry, it full of nutritious and can be stored for a long time. Many cat owners use it as a snack for cats to supplement the nutrients needed by the cat's body. There are many ways to eat freeze-dried salmon.
For cats with bad teeth, it does not mean that freeze-dried salmon cannot be eaten, but the cat owner needs to soak the freeze-dried salmon with warm water before feeding. It will be softer, so that cats with bad teeth will be easier to eat, and freeze-dried in water will be easier to digest for cats with bad stomachs. Freeze-dried soaked water contains a lot of water, and it can also add water to cats when they are usually fed to cats.

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The benefits of each type of freeze-dried food for cats

Freeze Dried Chicken: High-quality protein, low-fat, meat with the highest digestibility. Recommended for cats who try freeze-dried for the first time.
Freeze Dried Duck: Rich in vitamins B and E, it helps skin health and inflammation, and the cool nature helps reduce tear stains and promotes the effect of eliminating fire.
Freeze Dried Salmon: It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid (DHA) OMEGA3, which not only can beautify hair, but also has antioxidant and cardiovascular effects.
Freeze Dried Cod: Very low in fat, high in protein, rich in DHA, vitamin AD, especially suitable for obese and elderly cats who need a low-cholesterol protein diet.
Freeze Dried Chicken Liver,Freeze Dried Beef Liver,Freeze Dried Chicken Heart: The internal organs are rich in vitamin A, improve eyesight, promote development, maintain skin health, and enhance immunity. And it is rich in vitamin B group, iron and vitamin C; it can nourish blood, skin care, and protect cardiovascular health (liver cholesterol is high, so it is not advisable to eat more, only 3-8 grams of trace intake per day)
Freeze Dried Quail: Quail meat contains lysine, glutamic acid (belonging to six essential amino acids for cats to survive)



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