The most complete dog food selection guide, don’t miss it!

There are many types of dog food on the market, and novice owners may not be able to choose a dog food suitable for their dog in a short time. If you buy it casually, you are afraid that it will not be suitable for your dog; if you choose carefully, there are many types of dog food, so how exactly should you choose dog food?

1 Appearance
High-quality dog food usually has a rough surface, no smooth particles, and even some grain skin on the surface. Low-quality dog food may look smoother and brighter. Good dog food often contains high animal protein content, and the color will be more dark brown or dark after processing; while low-quality dog food is mostly made of corn, so the color will be yellow or very light.

2 smell
Good quality dog food tends to have a lighter taste, with a natural fragrance and no pungent odor. However, poor-quality dog food will have a strong fragrance due to the addition of a large number of chemical attractants, such as beef flavor and other additives.

3 texture
High-quality dog food will be a little more heavy due to the high animal protein content in the formula. If the dog food is relatively light, bulky, and has no texture, it is often a low-quality dog food, because the animal protein content in it is relatively low, or even non-existent.

4 Grease
If you want to judge the quality of the oil in the dog food, you can take out a piece of paper and put the dog food on the paper, let the oil in the dog food diffuse freely, and then smell the oil on the paper. Low-quality dog food may use bad oils and may taste unpleasant. But high-quality dog food will choose more natural animal oil or chicken oil.

5 taste
In fact, dog owners can also taste dog food directly. Most food attractants are often salty. Dog owners can judge the amount of food attractants according to whether they have a salty taste. A good dog food tastes a meaty scent. If sometimes the dog food tastes bitter or mushy, it is because the drying temperature is too high, and the nutritional loss of the dog food will be very large.

6 feces
After the dog eats high-quality dog food, the feces are formed, and the amount is small and does not stick to the ground, and the smell is not particularly large. However, after eating low-quality dog food, dogs will have sticky, large stools, especially smelly, soft stools or loose stools, mainly because low-quality or even deteriorated raw materials are added to these dog food. The dog food is not easy to digest and absorb, and the excretion volume will increase.

Choose the right dog food, the dog will be healthy!

In fact, the choice of dog food is a knowledge, not only depends on the above-mentioned, but also according to the dog’s own breed and age to choose suitable dog food. The dog owner can choose the most suitable food for the dog according to the situation of his dog

Post time: Apr-08-2022