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Factory direct wholesale and retail. Pet dog food, cat food, we are looking for regional agents in the world. Mira Pet Food co., Ltd mainly produces canned food, freeze-dried food, ham sausage, pet treats, etc. Aseptic workshop, ingredients, high proportion of fresh meat, high palatability, high palatability. To undertake OEM OEM. Customized pet food. dog food factory.
To undertake foreign OEM/ODM foundry, price concessions, welcome to cooperate.

How to choose cat food? Mainly look at these 4 points!

(A)look at the nutrients
1.Crude protein and crude fat
Cats have a high demand for protein, and it is best to choose a range between 36% and 48%, and only animal protein has a high absorption rate and vegetable protein is very low.
Crude fat is best to choose between 13%-18%, more than 18% fat cat food, cats can accept it, no problem, cats have weak stomach, easy to loose stools, or have obesity problems, it is best not to choose.

2. Taurine
Taurine is a gas station for cats' eyes. Cats cannot synthesize by themselves and can only rely on eating. Therefore, cat food with taurine ≥ 0.1% should be selected at a minimum, and 0.2% or more is the best when conditions permit.

3. Water-soluble chloride
Content in the national standard: Adult cats and kittens ≥ 0.3% Cats need a certain amount of salt to maintain their daily life, but they should not consume too much, otherwise it will easily lead to cat tears, hair loss, kidney disease, etc.

4. Coarse ash
Coarse ash is the residue after the cat food is burned, so the lower the content, the better, preferably no more than 10%.

5. Ratio of calcium to phosphorus
The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of cat food is recommended to be kept in the range of 1.1:1~1.4:1. The ratio is unbalanced, which can easily lead to abnormal bone development of cats.

(B)Look at the ingredient list
First of all, it depends on whether the first or top 3 places are meat. For high-quality cat food, the first 3 places will be meat, and what kind of meat will be written. If it only says poultry and meat, and you don't know what kind of meat it is, it's best not to choose.

Secondly, look at whether the proportion of raw materials is disclosed. Most of the cat food with the public proportion is good cat food. I dare not say it absolutely, but I dare to disclose it, which proves that I have confidence in the product and are willing to accept supervision.

According to the regulations of the Agriculture Bureau, "frozen meat" must be written after being transported by refrigerated trucks. Fresh chicken must be in the slaughterhouse or in the factory that produces dog food before it can be called fresh. Most factories cannot do this. So write fresh, to see if the factory is compliant.

1. It is not recommended to choose grain dog food with allergenic ingredients such as corn and wheat.
2. Add any artificial colors, flavor additives, flavor enhancers, flavoring agents.
3. Preservatives (antioxidants) need to be natural, such as vitamin E, and tea polyphenols are natural. BHT, BHA are artificial controversial raw materials.
(C)Look at the price
Everyone knows that you get what you pay for. If you buy a cat food for a few dollars a pound,which is not credible to be high-protein cat food . But cat food is not the more expensive the better, the right one is the best.

(D) Look at the product features
First, see if the cat food is too greasy to the touch. If it is too greasy, don't choose it, because long-term consumption will cause problems such as cat anger, soft stools, and black chin.
Secondly, see if the fragrance is too strong and the fishy smell is too heavy. If so, it means that this cat food contains a lot of attractants, which will cause harm to the cat.
Finally, taste whether it is too salty. If it is too salty, it means that the salt content is high, and long-term consumption will cause tears and hair loss in cats.

Post time: Jun-20-2022