How to choose cat food

1. Before purchasing cat food, consider the cat’s age, gender, and physical condition.
A. If the cat is relatively thin: choose cat food with high protein and fat (but not beyond the range).
B. If the cat is relatively obese: strictly control the feeding amount of the cat, and do not consume too much energy and carbohydrates every day, etc.
C. If cats exercise a lot: choose cat food with high protein content
D. If the cat does not exercise much: it needs to contain vitamins and minerals Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

2.What is quality cat food
High-quality cat food = clear ingredients (single meat or combination) + high proportion of meat + taurine and essential nutrients
The ingredients in the ingredient list of cat food are arranged in order of most to least. The top 5 ingredients should be meat first, organs (such as liver) second, then grains and plants. Meat should always come before grains and vegetables, and as much as possible.

3.where to buy cat food
It is still recommended that you go to professional channels to buy cat food, which is good for the health of pets.
There are also many pet owners who go to online stores to buy cat food, and the choice will be wider.

4. Look at the ingredient list of cat food
The names of raw materials of cat food are indicated in the order of dosage from more to less
For cat food with a high content of animal protein, the first raw material to be marked is animal protein, such as beef, chicken, fish, turkey, etc. The richer the variety of animal protein, the better.
A. The meat must be specified as what kind of meat it is. If only poultry meat is specified, or it contains a large amount of poultry by-products, it is not recommended to buy it.
B. Only animal fats and poultry fats are marked, and it is not recommended to buy them.
C. The raw material marked first is grain, or there are many types of grain in the raw material, so it is not recommended to buy this cat food.
D. Pay attention to see if there are too many or excessive additives such as preservatives (antioxidants) and synthetic pigments.
E. The preservatives are BHA, BHT or ETHOXYQUIN, it is not recommended to buy

5.Shop for segmented cat food
It is necessary to subdivide the purchase of cat food. Now there are many subdivided cat food on the market, such as Persian cat food, etc. The particle shape of this cat food will be more suitable for Persian cats to chew and digest.
In addition, it should be distinguished according to the activity of the cat. If your cat stays at home all day, the protein and fat content of its cat food should be slightly lower to avoid becoming obese after eating.

Post time: Apr-08-2022