Don’t bother ! Is it better for cats to eat wet food or dry food?

Should my cat eat wet cat food or dry cat food? It seems that many shit shoveling officials have struggled with it. In fact, whether it is wet cat food or dry cat food, as long as it is regular, it can generally be used for Cats provide essential nutrients. Therefore, the choice of food should be determined according to the cat's weight, cat's health and budget.
1. What are the differences between the two?
Is wet cat food better or dry cat food better? In order to facilitate the novice shit shoveling officer to deepen their understanding, Xiao Chong briefly analyzes the difference between the two.

1) Moisture content
The moisture content is the main difference between dry and wet cat food. The moisture content of wet cat food (canned) is about 70% moisture, while dry cat food only contains about 10% moisture, and the remaining 90% consists of carbohydrates and fats. composition.
2) Production process
Wet cat food is usually made from a combination of fresh or frozen meat and grains, which are mixed with water and fat and vitamins in a jar, which destroys foodborne pathogens when the food is heated, thereby maintaining a healthy diet.
Dry food is made by mixing meat, vitamins, minerals and fats at high temperature and pressure, which also allows cats to exercise their teeth and clean tartar while eating.

2. The pros and cons of wet food and dry food
The different production processes and foods of wet and dry cat food make them have different functions.
1) The benefits of wet cat food
First of all, the humidity is suitable, wet cat food contains 70% water, which can prevent dehydration and stone disease for cats. Even if cats don't like to drink water in daily life, this food with sufficient water content can also help cats to replenish water!
Secondly, for more nutrition, wet cat food is processed less frequently than dry food, so it can retain the original nutrition of the food to a greater extent. Most high-quality wet food is rich in vitamins and minerals. Again, wet cat food contains a balanced fat content. Compared with dry cat food, the kcal content of wet food is not high, about 70 to 120 kcal per can, which is better for obese cats.
Finally, the convenience is better. Compared with dry cat food, wet food can be stored for a longer time, and it is also convenient for transportation.
2) Disadvantages of wet cat food
First of all, once wet cat food is opened, if it is not eaten as soon as possible, the food will grow a lot of bacteria or go bad, even if it is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours.
Second, wet cat food may not be suitable for some cats, especially those who are malnourished and need more fat and calories. Also, many wet foods are low in carbs, so it cannot be eaten entirely as a staple.
Finally, wet food is slightly more expensive than dry food.
3) The benefits of dry cat food
First of all, the nutrition is relatively balanced. The ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fat in dry food is relatively balanced, and all large dry food contains "taurine", which is beneficial to the physical development of cats. It can be said that it is another Nutrients. In addition, dry food can also supplement the various nutrients and vitamins that cats need to grow.
Secondly, dry cat food is easy to distinguish in terms of feeding, and it can be weighed and combined with the specific situation of the cat to choose different proportions of food. Finally, dry food is cheaper than wet food. An adult cat needs an average of 50 to 60 grams of food per day, which means a 4-pound bag of food can support a cat's diet for a month.
4) Disadvantages of dry cat food

First of all, the water content of dry cat food is only about 10% low, which will cause cats to need to add more water, which is not a problem for normal cats.
Secondly, it may cause dental problems in cats. Although dry food has a certain tooth cleaning effect, for some kittens or middle-aged and elderly cats with poor teeth, rough dry food is not suitable for eating and may cause certain harm.

3. How to choose cat food reasonably?
Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so Xiaopet recommends that the shoveling officer can mix and feed. For example, if a cat needs to supplement water and carbohydrates and fat, it is a better choice to eat wet and dry cat food together.
When feeding, the shovel officer can mix the two cat foods together or separately for the cat to eat, which also allows the cat to obtain the benefits of both diets at the same time.
No matter what type of cat food you choose, we can't feed cats with inferior brands. Learn to check the ingredients and additives of cat food, and then make the best choice according to the cat's physical condition.

Post time: Jun-29-2022