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Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd selects high-quality duck without other additives, which has high nutritional value and is suitable for all cats. Suitable for kittens, pregnant cats, and adult cats, you can see that they are full of protein. We offer freeze dried duck with whole duck breasts, and can also be made into smaller square cube upon customer’s request. All products will be sterilized twice during production to ensure the safety and health of food.

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Product Introduction of freeze-dried duck

Freeze-dried duck is made of fresh raw duck meat. It is frozen at minus 35°C and then dehydrated and dried. The dehydrated meat tastes richer, and because of the special process, the nutrients in the meat can be retained. Most cats prefer to eat. Because the meat in freeze-dried is pure meat, the protein in freeze-dried is relatively rich, and cats can supplement protein when eating.
The main nutritional component of duck meat is protein, the protein content is higher than that of livestock meat, and the fat content is moderate and evenly distributed. Duck meat contains more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meats. Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd is freeze dried cat food manufacturer
Freeze-dried duck meat contains protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamin A, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus and other nutrients. Moderate consumption can supplement various nutrients that cats need. Among them, protein is the main nutrient for tissue formation and growth. Fat can assist the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and provide the required fatty acids. Phosphorus helps maintain the normal function of cell membranes.

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The benefits of each type of freeze-dried food for cats

Freeze Dried Chicken: High-quality protein, low-fat, meat with the highest digestibility. Recommended for cats who try freeze-dried for the first time.
Freeze Dried Duck: Rich in vitamins B and E, it helps skin health and inflammation, and the cool nature helps reduce tear stains and promotes the effect of eliminating fire.
Freeze Dried Salmon: It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid (DHA) OMEGA3, which not only can beautify hair, but also has antioxidant and cardiovascular effects.
Freeze Dried Cod: Very low in fat, high in protein, rich in DHA, vitamin AD, especially suitable for obese and elderly cats who need a low-cholesterol protein diet.
Freeze Dried Chicken Liver,Freeze Dried Beef Liver,Freeze Dried Chicken Heart: The internal organs are rich in vitamin A, improve eyesight, promote development, maintain skin health, and enhance immunity. And it is rich in vitamin B group, iron and vitamin C; it can nourish blood, skin care, and protect cardiovascular health (liver cholesterol is high, so it is not advisable to eat more, only 3-8 grams of trace intake per day)
Freeze Dried Quail: Quail meat contains lysine, glutamic acid (belonging to six essential amino acids for cats to survive)



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