Dog Leash Multicoloured Traction Rope Organic Cotton Dog Leash Suppliers

Short Description:

Product: Big dog traction
MOQ: 1 pcs
Material: Cotton
Size: L XL
Weight: 0.3kg
Logo: Custom Logo Available
Feature: Hand woven night reflective collar automatically shrinks

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L-the length of the rope is 1.7m, about 0.67 inches, the diameter of the rope is 2cm, about 0.78 inches, and the weight is 0.2kg. It is recommended for dogs weighing between 15kg and 40kg

XL-the length of the rope is 1.7m, about 0.67 inches, the diameter of the rope is 2.5cm, about 0.99 inches, and the weight is 0.3KG. It is recommended for dogs weighing between 20kg and 70kg

Product advantages

1. Suitable for medium and large Dogs weighing 20 to 150 pounds. It can withstand the strong pulling force generated when your dog rushes forward, ensuring your pet’s safety. 2. This strong dog leash is woven by reflective materials which can keep you and your dog safe for night walking. Even if you accidentally let your dog escape, you can quickly find it through reflective leash
3.Protect your hand will not be injured by the leash when you having a suddenly strong pulling force. Just enjoy a long-term happy walking with your lovely dogs.
4. High-strength dog leash woven from multiple small nylon threads, with light weight but very high toughness,good softness and durable can be used for a longer time;you can use this strong dog leash to control your dog but your dog won’t feeling any uncomfortable due to this light weight leash.

What does a dog leash do?

1. Prevent dogs from scaring passersby or accidentally hurting people
Some dogs get excited when they see people, like to jump at people, and it is easy to accidentally hurt others. But as long as the pet owner ties the dog on a leash, these situations can be avoided.

2. Prevent the dog from running around in an accident
Unlike humans, dogs don’t know how to read the road or how badly they get hit by a car. If the dog is not tied on a leash, accidents may occur when it accidentally runs to the side of the road, or is curious about a moving vehicle and wants to chase it.
Most dogs get into traffic accidents because their owners are not on a leash.
2. Prevent dogs from being lost
Leash your dog when you go out to ensure that the dog is within the control of the owner and will not get lost. Some owners will also say that my dog ​​can be called back without a leash.
But can you guarantee that you can still be so obedient when the dog is in heat and provoked? It’s hard. And once the dog is lost, the probability of getting it back is very low.
4. Prevent dogs from eating indiscriminately
Dogs naturally like to lick and pick up things to eat. If they don’t hold the dog, they will go where their owners can’t see them, and accidentally eat rotten garbage, rat poison, cockroach medicine, or even poison that someone deliberately poisons the dog. , the dog will be life-threatening.
Tie the dog on a leash, which can control the dog’s walking route and help the owner to stop the dog from eating indiscriminately.
Tying a leash to a dog is a small move, but it can ensure the safety of the dog’s life and avoid many unnecessary disputes. This rope connects responsibility, respect, and safety. I hope every pet lover can do it.

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