Customized freez-dired dog food with chicken brest, beef, tuna, salmon

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What is freeze-dried dog food? Freeze-dried dog food is the abbreviation of vacuum freeze-drying, which is a drying process that uses the principle of sublimation to dehydrate materials. It is the most advanced food manufacturing process at present. Its principle is to make the environment reach a vacuum state at a temperature below -30°C of the food, and promote the direct sublimation of the solid water in the food, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

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Ten advantages of freeze-dried pet food

1. Pure and natural, no additives.
2. Rich nutrition, no loss of nutrition.
3. The particles are full and not deformed.
4. The fiber is obvious and the appearance is good.
5. Original taste, strong palatability.
6. Absorbs water quickly and absorbs well.
7. Very low moisture, long storage.
8, easy to carry, easy to store.
9, a variety of feeding methods, a lot of fun.
10, high-end products and high grade.

Freeze-dried food is really good! Only it deserves the love I have for my pet, so how do I feed my pet freeze-dried product? According to the feeding object and body weight, the feeding amount is also different:

There are three common feeding methods

Method 1: Direct feeding. Freeze-dried food is crunchy and easy to chew, suitable for pets’ daily reward and training.
Method 2: Feed after reconstitution with water. After adding warm water and soaking for a while, it can be directly fed. The taste is fresh and tender, which is helpful for pets to digest and absorb.
Method 3: Mix in the puffed staple food. The freeze-dried product can be broken into pieces and mixed into the staple food to make the staple food full of fragrance and increase the palatability.
Mira Pet Food Co; Ltd professionally supplies high quality dog food and cat food. The freeze dried food are made from 100% high quality natural material and going through screenings, the finished product is excellent in color and fragrance. We are online 24hours and quick reply. Welcome contact us!

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