OEM Crushed tofu cat litter mixed with activated carbon and flushable

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Type: Crushed Tofu Cat Litter
Shape: Irregular
Dust: ≤0.5%
Raw material: Tofu Flour, Charcoal
Compressive Stength: 10N min
Moisture: ≤12%
Water Absorption: ﹥300%
Coagulability: ﹥400g
Deodorization Rate: 70-90%
Proportion: 0.55g/ml
Odor: Original / Pink / Green / Activated Carbon / Activated Carbon Mixed Cat Litter

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Recommend a good tofu cat litter supplier

Tofu cat litter has a natural plant fragrance that can cover up the odor. Tofu cat litter is basically free of dust, basically does not stick to the bottom, tofu cat litter is not easy to bring out, and tofu cat litter has a good agglomeration effect. You need the advantages of a cat litter, and the tofu cat litter is basically satisfied, except that there will be some dust under it after a long time. Moreover, this cat litter can also be degraded and environmentally friendly. The best thing is that the tofu cat litter can also flush the toilet. After shoveling the feces, it can be directly thrown into the toilet and flushed.
Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd. specializes in cat and dog supplies. Cat litter is one of the company’s main products. It selects high-quality raw materials and customizes production according to customer requirements. It has good agglomeration, strong water absorption, and good deodorization. , small dust, low non-stickiness, etc. The product categories include bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter, mixed cat litter, pine cat litter, crystal cat litter, etc.

How to choose tofu cat litter?

1. All are tofu cat litter, pea dregs are better than soybean dregs
The adsorption of pea dregs is stronger than that of soybean dregs, and the powdering rate is lower than that of soybean dregs, so the cat litter with pea dregs as the main material is better in deodorization. Now the more famous tofu cat litter is pea dregs.

2. Cat litter of the same capacity, light weight is better
To put it simply, when other conditions are similar, the same two bags of cat litter are 6L, and the light weight is better than the specific gravity.

The reason is the water content. In the production of cat litter, drying is the most expensive part. Generally, manufacturers do not have the ability to have drying technology and choose to dry in the sun. The water content of this kind of cat litter is extremely high. of.

The cat litter with high water content firstly has a high powdering rate, and it will turn into powder and slag immediately after a long time, which is extremely unfriendly to the respiratory system of cats and people; in addition, cat litter with high water content is easy to be damp and breed bacteria. The cat litter will not take a long time and become a paste, which seriously endangers the cat’s urinary system.

Generally, the water content of good cat litter will not exceed 10%. Generally, the packaging and introduction of cat litter will not have the water content label. You can consult customer service in the store as a reference when choosing cat litter.

3. Cat litter with high pH will burn the cat’s respiratory tract

The pH value can determine whether cat litter has added harmful substances. Taking mineral sand as an example, when inferior manufacturers use low-grade bentonite to make cat litter, they will add other substances to improve the odor-absorbing ability of cat litter. These substances will affect the acid-base of cats. value.

Although the addition of chemical substances is inevitable in the production process of cat litter, the pH value within a reasonable range will not endanger the respiratory tract of cats and humans.

The pH value of cat litter is reasonable at ph8-10. Cat litter above ph10 cannot be used, and it will burn the cat and the respiratory tract.

The cat litter on the market does not mark the pH value of cat litter. I can teach you a method to detect the pH value:

Turn the cat litter into powder in the palm of your hand, and let it stand for 10 minutes to flush with water. If the palm of your hand has a burning sensation, do not use this cat litter.

4. It’s not the smell of cat litter that blocks the odor, it’s the adsorption

There are still many people who think that they use a very deodorant cat litter because the scent is very good at covering odors.

Cats are creatures that live by a strong sense of smell. Too much scented cat litter can cause paralysis of the sense of smell.

The scent of cat litter comes from two main sources: chemical processing and natural plants

Chemically processed spices have low cost and long-lasting fragrance, but they are particularly harmful to the cat’s sense of smell; plant spices cannot emit fragrance for a long time, but they have no harm to cats, so good cat litter will choose plant spices .

The addition of cat litter fragrance is only an auxiliary effect for the odor. The real deodorant is the adsorption power of the cat litter, which means that the cat litter with strong adsorption capacity, colorless and odorless, is the best.

5. Tofu cat litter is really not as effective as bentonite in deodorizing

If the cat usually eats a lot of meat, the taste of Baba is simply hell on earth

Or the cat eats diarrhea, and the whole family is really enough. Many parents who are more concerned about this aspect still choose bentonite or mixed sand.

It is very bad to use bentonite alone, because the dust is too large, and the bentonite will quickly breed bacteria. If you only use bentonite for a long time, the smell of the home will be lost, and the cat will also be crossed.

There is also mixed litter that is worth mentioning here. Many parents have also discovered the shortcomings of tofu cat litter and bentonite, and combined the advantages of both.

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