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canned staple food
Canned staple food is a canned food that can occasionally replace dry dog ​​food. It can meet most of the nutritional needs of dogs, especially for some dogs who do not like to drink water. Canned food is very suitable for them to enjoy.
Canned staple food is usually a full-price and adequate canned food made of ground meat mixed with a variety of ingredients. It contains a variety of nutrients and can meet most of the nutrients that dogs need daily, so it can be used as a long -term meal instead of dry dog ​​food.
Also, for young dogs and older dogs, teeth and digestion are relatively poor, and the usual dry and hard dog food may make them less appetite and less balanced nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to properly supplement the dog with some nutrition, so feeding some canned staple food is a good choice.”

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Canned snacks

It is canned dog food that is eaten as a snack. Canned snacks are cost-effective because of their high moisture content, good palatability, and affordable prices. The main significance of canned snacks is to add moisture and adjust the taste, and cannot be used as a staple food.”
“C: Canned Prescription Dog Food
The role of prescription canned food is for dogs who are sick and need special diets. For example: frail dogs after surgery, dogs with pancreatitis or gastroenteritis, dogs with urinary system diseases, dogs with kidney disease, obesity, diabetes. It should be noted that prescription canned foods need to be prescribed by a veterinarian and are recommended for consumption.

How to choose tin canned dog food? You can follow these basic principles:
1. If you want to reward your dog and improve its taste, you can choose canned treats.

2. If you want to give your dog better nutrition and eat it every day, you can choose canned staple food.

3. If your dog is in a state of illness, then according to the doctor’s advice, you can use prescription canned food.

How to buy canned wet dog food?

Choose canned wet food that contains:
1. Protein: The meat of a certain animal, such as chicken, mutton, beef, etc., is clearly marked.
2. Whole grains or whole grains: Grains and starches are usually found in wet grains in some form.
3. Vegetables: carrots, alfalfa or apples, signs of high-quality wet food, generally containing potatoes and sweet potatoes, or other vegetables.”
The six essential nutrients for dogs are water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. The pet food standard of AAFCO in the United States is generally recognized by everyone. People who have experience in raising pets should know it. Therefore, when choosing dog food, whether it is dry dog ​​food or canned dog food, you need to pay attention to the formula.

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There is no one single canned wet food suitable for all dogs. When choosing canned food for dogs, it is necessary to choose according to the different physiological characteristics of dogs. For example, the growth rate of dogs of different sizes is different, which is to supplement nutrition for dogs. They need to provide targeted and precise nutrition according to their developmental characteristics at different stages.

Puppy: Because the digestive system and immune system of puppies are not fully developed, their immunity is relatively weak. At this stage, they choose canned food with high content of vitamins, minerals and protein. Compared with adult dogs, they need to supplement more nutrients, such as beta-carrots. Vitamin, arginine, EPA-DHA, etc., provide more comprehensive nutrition and help puppies grow and develop.

Old dogs: Older dogs have loose teeth and a decline in their digestive system. They are suitable for eating foods that contain more lean protein. You can choose wet food with lean protein, which is nutritious and easy to chew. It’s a good choice for old dogs.”

Recommend Canned dog food manufacturers
The production of Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd. is strictly in accordance with FDA standards for cooking and processing. All food formulas are independently developed, and each pet food has undergone strict food safety tests. Its products are mainly pet food for cats and dogs, including meat, fruits, vegetables and other high-quality natural raw materials.

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